Letting Go of What I See

FAITH…sometimes it feels like it goes against our very nature. We naturally cling to things we can see, touch, hear. Our instinct tells us to hold on to the things we can literally “hold on” to. Is it because of our small capacity to embrace anything beyond our own meager understanding? Is it a sense of superiority that whispers to our hearts that there couldn’t possibly be anything in existence better than what we can create ourselves? Is it our carnal need for control? I’m not sure how I would answer that for myself, but I am right in the middle of a daily figuring out how to do this thing we call a “faith-walk”.

Faith plays out in so many small ways every day. Do I have faith that this chair will hold my weight? Do I have faith that the sun will rise in the morning? Do I have faith enough in other people to allow myself to be vulnerable and real? And then there are, of course, all the bigger questions in life about God and eternity and our purpose. I’m currently reading the book of Genesis and am moved by the many characters I see who “walked by faith”. I’m also comforted to know that many of these faith heroes were by no means perfect (Whew! The pressure is off!) But I’m asking myself how they managed to make such gigantic decisions and take so many scary steps, all the while trusting in an un-seen God? I’m probing my own heart, hoping that I can make those same kinds of choices every day.

I found an old German writer who compared many of the men we call “fathers of the faith” in the bible saying that they all had a “faith which lays hold on the word of promise, and on the strength of this word, gives up that which is seen and present for that which is unseen and future.” I just love that! It might seem crazy. It may seem foolish. But that kind of faith leads to peace in our hearts (who doesn’t need peace?) That kind of faith leads to living a life of daring, excitement, and facing our fears (I want that!) So the question to my own heart today is…am I willing to let go of the control I perceive I have, and embrace a faith that trusts in the only One who understands me fully?