Awesome vs. Amazing

Everywhere I turn I am coming face-to-face with how truly awesome God is. Not awesome as in “Awesome, dude!” but awesome as in awe-inspiring, breathtaking, overwhelming, astonishing, magnificent…it’s something I think I need to really “get” more deeply.

I grew up always having a great relationship with my dad. He’s a gentle soul and a great listener and so somewhere in my sub-concious mind I have paralleled my relationship with my earthly dad to my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It’s always been easy for me to accept that God loves me and sees me as His precious daughter, and for that I am so very thankful. But I’ve started to realize that because of this innate ease in sensing the tender heart of God, I tend to forget that He is also the Holy Creater of every single thing, deserving of all praise. I forget that He, even now, sits on a throne in the heavens and that those in His presence are dropped to their faces and are either mute from awe or find themselves only being able to say “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God ALmighty, Who was, and is, and is to come!”

Perhaps at first glance it isn’t really a big deal to be leaning more towards focusing on the love God has for us…it is certainly the corner stone to His entire design of salvation. But the question I’m beginning to ask myself is, “Would my daily life be different if I was aware of how awe-inspiring He is?” It’s the whole concept of “the fear of the Lord”. Realizing that all things hinge on Him and without His breath I wouldn’t exist. Without His Word I wouldn’t have true life. Without His Son I would be lost. Without His Spirit I would be stuck in my own ways. And, yes, He was moved by love to put into place a plan that would ultimately make it possible for me to be in intimate relationship with Him…but I ask myself…would I appreciate the gift of love more fully if I truly understood the magnificence of the Giver?

The Bible calls Him Wonderful, Counselor, Ever-lasting Father, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Holy One, the Rock, Savior, Mighty One…THAT is Who has tenderly reached down to your soul to stir your heart toward Him so He can lavish you with love. It is His awesome reality that makes His gentle love so amazing.